Statement from Jan 6, 2021

Polk County NC Republican Party

Contact:  Dick Shaughnessy, Acting Chairman                                        February  4nd, 2021

33 S. Peak Street, Columbus NC 28722

Phone 828.829.2543



The Chair of the Polk County Republican Party is releasing this statement in reference to recent news and events in Polk County and nationally.

On January 6, 2021, people across the nation descended upon Washington DC to express their outrage over election malfeasance in the national 2020 Presidential election.  Many constituents in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, including Polk County, were outraged as well.  Several attended the rally in support of free and fair elections, taking time off from family and work and traveling at their own expense to Washington DC.

Since Jan 6th, we’ve seen some controversy play out in the news resulting mostly from the Polk County commission meeting on Jan 18th, 2021 when several Polk county residents made their voices heard.

At the county commission meeting  on Feb 1, 2021, other points of view were expressed by several residents and read into the public record.  No resolutions were offered at the Feb 1st meeting as was done at the Jan 18th meeting.  This was because conservatives don’t engage in false narratives that waste time and government resources on make believe issues.

The Republican Party of Polk County is a principled Party.  We have stated beliefs that guide our leadership.  Our constituents depend upon us to represent the core values of our conservative platform; individual liberty, tradition, law and order and belief in God.  Essential to everyone who represents themselves as a conservative Republican in Polk County is conduct that is civil and dialogue that is honest, two behaviors not evident in today’s Democrat Party.

One final note regarding the bus trip to DC on Jan 6th, 2021.  While the  Polk County Republican Party didn’t organize the activity, we supported the group’s motives for going and their desire for justice.  We do believe to this day that the Presidential election was unjust because several states tampered with their election laws illegally. A fair and honest election process across all states would have resulted in President Trump’s re-election.  The leader of the Polk Democrat Party, Mr. Andy Millard, is calling for the expulsion of REP Madison Cawthorn from office, illustrating how Democrats, even here in Polk County,  live in a world of half-truths and untruths.  Merely by his appearance on stage with President Trump, he’s accused of inciting the riotous mob.  Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, sets the tone for her party.  She is arguably the ‘grand poobah’ of smear, caught here  on video teaching the dishonest and polluted strategy known as, ‘the wrap up smear.’

Both national political parties have paralyzed the nation, sowing seeds of discontent in every small town and city.  As history will attest, only the people, demanding a change, will set things straight.  Small communities like Polk County will lead the way.  While we have our differences, the strength of our community comes from the people like those who expressed their heartfelt concerns on Feb 1s   during the commissioners’ meeting.  The Republican Party here in Polk remains committed to the principles and values that originated this Party under President Lincoln.  Despite the fact that there are some in both national parties who are invested in self-interest and preservation of power, sowing the seeds of division, we must focus on uniting as citizens with respect to one another to preserve our Constitutional Republic.