Newsletter 7/11/22

July 11th, 2022

(There was no newsletter last week, July 4th)

What’s your ONE

If you had the power to fix something that has flown off the rails in America, what would it be? What’s the ONE issue that’s at the top of your TO FIX list?

Ban Democrats from holding public office / Put Planned Parenthood out of business / Demand border security / Stop public schools from teaching Marxist agenda / Get back to energy independence / End LGBTQ ‘woke’ movement / Prosecute Deep State conspirators / Release J6 prisoners / Send Biden entire administration over to rule Afghanistan

Look, in all seriousness … Roe v Wade just got overturned.  Was that a miracle, destiny, the wisdom of the Court.  No, no and no.  It came about because a relentless group of people worked tirelessly for years to battle the immoral and demonic federal ruling.  It took people just like us. 

Thousands of people and dozens of grassroots groups fighting for the life of the unborn.

Dramatic culture shifts, like ending federal abortion rights, occur because people push to make them happen.  The new Democrat Party and their diabolical allies are the chess masters at destroying people and cultural norms they don’t like.  We’re witness to their triumphs at ripping to shreds the foundations of American life, executing generations of future leaders, breaking down the family unit, cancelling our Christian heritage, disparaging our love of country and the freedom endowed by the creator and sanctified in our Constitution.

Some of you have chosen your fight and are on the battlefield.  But what about the rest of you?  Is America worth fighting for?  I hope that response was a ‘hell yes’, then ask yourself how can I help?

Don’t wait to be asked.  OFFER to help.  The Progressive Left excels at one thing and we see it in real time.  How to destroy a society.  In fact, as Denis Prager likes to say, the radical Left destroys everything it touches eventually.  Preserving American liberty is our duty.  It cannot be done from home. Call this number and ask what you can do to help.



Survey Question of the Week


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RESULTS of the Jun 27th survey …

Survey question:  What kind of information do you prefer to see in our weekly newsletter:

Total respondents:  14

Information on candidates running for office:  12

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News stories on courageous Americans fighting the Deep State:  8

Opinion articles by members on current events:  6

Information to help voters better understand the voting  process:  4

Humor:  3

Gun Raffle

A gun raffle is a fund-raising event for the Polk Republican Party.  Each year we have one. Every year, we’ve had a local winner.  With your help, we hope to have another successful raffle this year.  All funds go to maintain our beautiful facility and support the activities of the local Party.  Buy a single ticket for $5 or a pack of 5 for $20.  All ticket sales will be online only, no paper tickets this year to save money.

This year, we’re announcing a runner up prize of $100 for the 2nd place winner.  So, get your card ready and get your ticket(s) today.  You must be IN to WIN.

CLICK the link below to purchase tickets



Thu, Jul 14th, 6:00PMGOP Monthly Membership MtgSoup & Schmooze hour starts off the evening at 6:00.  It’s pot luck night.  If you plan to dine with us, please bring a side dish, dessert or beverage.  The business meeting starts at 6:45PM with our guest speaker:  Misty Ruffing, with Americans for Prosperity NC.  She’ll be speaking with us about ‘Personal’ Health Care options. 

Thu, Aug 4th, 7:00PM.  Showing of the movie, ‘RIGGED’ … The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump investigates Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s role in the 2020 election.  Popcorn and refreshments served.  No cost!  Arrive early.  The movie starts promptly at 7PM.   The film is 40 minutes long.. 

Thu, Aug 11th, 6:00PM.  GOP Monthly Membership Mtg. REP Jake Johnson will be here to update us on all the critical business in Raleigh.

Note:  GOP meetings will be monthly starting in June, though we will likely have movie nights and a few special guest speakers in between meetings.  Keep up to date in this weekly newsletter and share with your friends.


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