Newsletter 6-6-22

Newsletter 6-6-22

Jun 6, 2022

Survey Question of the Week

Do you believe Polk County would benefit from having more schools (private or parochial) in addition to its public schools?

Cast your vote here

RESULTS of last week’s survey …

Survey question: Do you fear a recession is looming because of the Biden Administration’s economic policies?

22 respondents.  21 YES, 1 NO.

Top Story of the Week

‘Parents Bill of Rights’ Passes NC Senate

“These have been challenging times for families across North Carolina. The pandemic exposed our schools’ inability to pivot to virtual learning, derailed academic progress, isolated our children, and led to declines in our children’s social and emotional well-being. Meanwhile, some school board members and administrators disparaged parents for questioning policy decisions and marginalized those who expressed concerns over an increasingly politicized curriculum.”

John Locke Foundation, Apr 19, 2022

Does this bill go far enough to insure parents rights in the public schools?  You decide!

  • Read a summary of the bill from the NC Policy Council
  • Read the actual bill for yourself HB 755


Thu Jun 9, 6:00PM.   Soup & Schmooze night has returned, meaning we will still have a  meal together before our business meeting, but it will be ‘pot luck’.  If you plan to dine first, please bring a side dish, dessert or beverage.  Perfect!  Our GOP business meeting will start around 6:45PM.  Our guest speaker for this evening will Pam Hyder, Clerk of the Court for Polk County.  See you then!

Note:  GOP meetings will be monthly starting in June, though we will likely have movie nights and a few special guest speakers in between meetings.  Keep up to date in this weekly newsletter and share with your friends.

Sat, Jun 18th, 9:00AM – 2PMMulti-Family Yard Sale on PEAK ST (Sarah Ernst Darnall Facility).  Tables available for rent both inside and outside.  We’ll be serving grilled hot dogs and iced beverages.  Sell and buy. New and used items.  Amazing deals await.  Open to the public.  Come join the fun and take home the treasure and proceeds.  Call Chuck Noffke for details and to reserve a table, 205.994.5599.



How can you expose the Evil?

In this video, Vicki Simons of South Carolina, shares a powerful and eloquent speech to members of her county board. In her testimony before her county board, Vicki Simons exposes the “terms and conditions” of the COVID money the county has taken. What she brings forward here needs to be brought forward in every county, municipality, and state in America.


We must always take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor , never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

-Eli Wiesel

Starting in the Fall, we will be needing lots of volunteers to help get out the vote for the Republican Party.  Can you help?  Email us at

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