Newsletter 6/20/22

Jun 20, 2022

Survey Question of the Week

If President Trump were to run again in 2024 for the Republican nomination for President, would you support him?

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RESULTS of last week’s survey …

Survey question:   The act of ‘obedience’ has consumed  the lives of most people around the world during the last two years.  Do we obey man’s laws or God’s laws.  Which choice best describes you?

Only 6 respondents

God’s law comes first:  5    Gov’t law if constitutional:  1

Gov’t law without objection: 0 


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Video of the Week

Video evidence that the Capitol Police did not object to the protestors entering the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021.  The protestors act as if they have been given clear permission to pass beyond the foyer.  There are many clips like this one emerging, most of which will never be reported by the government of their state-controlled media. This video is in stark contrast to what Nancy Pelosi and her horde of gov’t  + media conspirators portray to America.

This was a protest, an act of civil dissent, not an insurrection.  If you were there, you know this!  Elected officials who don’t show support for the J6 day of protest are simply out of touch with The People.



Thu, Jun 30th, 6:30PM.  Movie Night‘Whose Children Are They’? Part 1. (Exposing the Hidden Agenda in America’s Schools).  We’re showing this blockbuster film in two, 2-hr segments because of its total length (3hr 55 min).  Part 2 will be shown by mutual agreement of the attendees.  No cost to attend.  Popcorn and drinks served.  Watch the trailer here!

Sat, Jul 4th, 9:00AM – 5:00PMJuly 4th Celebration.  The GOP will be joining in the fun and festivities in downtown Columbus. A huge family event hosted by the town wil commemorate our day of independence.  The Republican Party will have a booth for merchandise sales, voter registration forms, gun raffle tickets, a go-fish booth for the kids and the infamous ‘DONKEY’ dunk tank is back.  We’re looking for some help and a few volunteers to take the plunge.  Give a call to 828.802.1158 if interested!

Thu, Jul 14th, 6:00PMGOP Monthly Membership MtgSoup & Schmooze hour starts off the evening at 6:00.  It’s pot luck night.  If you plan to dine with us, please bring a side dish, dessert or beverage.  The business meeting starts at 6:45PM.


Note:  GOP meetings will be monthly starting in June, though we will likely have movie nights and a few special guest speakers in between meetings.  Keep up to date in this weekly newsletter and share with your friends.




Starting in the Fall, we will be needing lots of volunteers to help get out the vote for the Republican Party.  Can you help?  Email us at


Polk County Republican Party

33 S Peak St, Columbus NC 28722

Mailing:  PO Box 448, Columbus NC 28722

Tel.  828.802.1158



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